Distance Challenge 2020 tops 5000km

Distance Challenge 2020 Windup

The results have been tabulated and the winners of the 2020 Distance Challenge are the 158 skiers who collectively covered 5204km on their skis in one day. This is a new record for the 13th running of this event for our club. Clearly a cross-country feat since 5204km stretches from Long Beach on Vancouver Island to Cape Spear Nfld.

More Amazing Statistics:

*17 Skiers clocked distances of over 100km (most of them are on our junior race team so obviously they are not only fast but they can cover the distance as well)

*The Wiens/Boorberg family retains their Ski Family of the Year title with a whooping 628km total

* The most popular trail was Inner Circle (422 laps) followed by Ice Road (378 runs), Rollercoaster (365 rides) and Outer Limits (340 loops)

*Youngest skier Aubrey Martin 11months; first time on skis ever. Most senior skier David Lumgair 87years; first time on skis this year, I understand. Congrats to both of you

Thank you to all our great volunteers. Clearly this is going to be a tough record to top but if there’s interest after the legs have recovered we’ll be back next year.

The Distance challenge plaque is up in the clubhouse listing all the skiers who did 25km or more. If there are errors or omissions please let me know at btncski@gmail.com

Full results and pictures are posted on our website btncski.wordpress.com

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