Shannondale CCSki for Mar 14 & 15, David!

Ho ho, Enthusiasts! lets go Shannondale!
 David here!
My groomer guy says Blue Classic Trail set up quite nice, near full shape, beside old tracks.
Wax for abrasive snow, Klister or such. 
Most Parts of the Skate Trails can be skied as well . 
The exceptions are The Hump and Tempest Ridge. 
The North East end of our trails has an ice flow phenomena never seen here before. 
Under ground water seepage during this winter has made a couple of acres of ice, 2′, 3′, 4′ deep. 
And looks like no thawing this weekend, 
Looks like could be snow showers on Sunday! 
That would make for gentler skiing eh?
and only light wind, 
I paint an optimistic picture,  eh?  
Trails will be fast!


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