Monday Night Skiing

Bonus points to any skiers that make it out tonight. Can’t promise that you will have any glide but the trails are groomed and there is a fire on in the clubhouse.

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Ahha! You’ll get a fresh start!! at Shannondale!! Jan 14, 2018, dgl!

Good Morning CCSkiers!

All trails at Shannondale will be groomed this morning.
Yes, there is a skiff of fresh snow and the temp is forecast to reach -12 degrees Celsius, with a little NNW wind in the open.
Trails are mostly in the bush, eH!
The hourly weather forecast looks like this.

Yes , You can get a fresh start! at Shannondale!!
David !!!!

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Back on Track

Monday Night Skiing
Burwalde Trails
Just a reminder that Monday Night skiing is back on regular schedule. Ski conditions haven’t improved much over the holidays but the 5km classic trail is still fairly good and what is open of the skate trails was reworked this morning to a reasonable skiing surface. The clubhouse will be warm and the company, as usual, will be excellent.
Everyone welcome.

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Shannondale Ski Trails, good to Excellent , Jan 5 2018, dgl!

Welcome CCSkiers all!
David here,
Yes , looks like warm weather for ccskiing is coming tomorrow, Jan. 6, and Sunday, Jan. 7.
The forecast looks like this:
All 5 Trails are in pretty good shape for doing yer skiing.
Most trail colour signs are up and most location name signs are up too.
We Groom when neeeded!!
Trail Head Cabin and the Chalet in the Valley will both be warm for both days.
Debate: is health motion activated or action motivated?

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New Year Full Moon Ski

January 1st 2018
7:30 PM
Burwalde Woods Trails

The weather is warming up slightly and most of us skiers are getting a bit of cabin fever so don’t miss a chance for a very special full moon ski as we restart our regular Monday Night Skiing. This is the first of two full moons in January and a super moon as well. You won’t get another chance like this for a long time.

We are planning a candlelit trail and the clubhouse will be warm and cozy for après-skiing visiting. Bring your own snacks and refreshments.

Everyone Welcome.IMG_7530.jpg

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Shannondale CCSki Trails, for dec. 30, 31, ’17, dgl!

Hello CCSKiers,

David here,

All trails will be groomed for Saturday and Sunday.
There is snow enough to set a mostly full shape classic track.
The 2 Skate Trails are groomed so as the wee bit of fresh snow gets mixed in with the older snow ,
It seems that cold temps makes for slower trails , so, when you do ski when the weather is cold, are you building strength , skills and stamina?
The Trail Head Cabin and the Chalet in the Valley will be warm both days and every day until after January 2 2018. .

The weather forecasters tell us the weather will be cold this weekend.
But the air inside the cabins will be warm eh,
And the Next weekend of Jan 5, 6, 7, 2018 ,The forecaster suggests hi temps of -10 to lows of -17 degrees Celsius.
We are ready for ccski folks to come and :”Be Fit For Life”!

” Fresh Air is Health Care, Help Yourself!”

Dress warm , yer developin’ yer survival skills, eh?!


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Ski Lessons

Looking to learn to ski or improve your skiing this season?

Take a ski lesson with CANSI Ski Instructor, Katrina Froese!
$10 per session, plus ski rentals for $5.
To register, email

Sunday, December 31
Burwalde Trails

1:00 – 2:15 pm
New Skier/Beginner Classic

2:30-3:45 pm
Intermediate Classic

  • New skiers are skiing for the first time.
  • Beginner skiers ski once per week or less and are looking to learn basic ski skills.
  • Intermediate skiers ski often but are looking to improve their speed and efficiency.
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Shannondale ski trails, Dec. 22, 2017, DGL!

Hello Ski enthusiasts,

David here,

4 trails are ready, and:
Folks that are skiing the Blue and Yellow Classic trails say the trails are pretty good skiing..
The last few centimeters of snow have been skied in.
The Orange and Green Skate Trails were wide level groomed on Wednesday and will be groomed when, Perpaps earlier than necessary.
A very few leaves do exist on some on the edges of these almost 9 feet wide skate trails.

I vision that Innovated mower equipment would blow these leaves off trails. Next year eh?
Such would happen with an innovated lawn mower with side exit of grass and leaves, as lawn mowers were made years ago.
Orange Classic Trail has not enouigh snow for making tracks for safe skiing. not yet.
The forecast for Thornhill is included.

Trail head Cabin and Chalet in the Valley will be warm every day untill after the New Year!
Come and enjoy skiing and the great outdoors,

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Improved skiing at Burwalde Trails

The 5cm of fresh snow that fell yesterday is improving the skiing at Burwalde. Skate skiing is very good on the creek and Inner Circle as well as portions of Outer Limits. Roller Coaster is packed but use caution on the steeper hills as the snow cover is very thin.

The main classic loop is packed and skier-tracked. We should be able to set tracks with the next significant snowfall. Outer Limits (classic) and the Creek Trail need a good 10 cm before they can be tracked. Locally, Shannondale is reporting trackset trails.

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Shannondale Ski Mail, Dec 15, 2017, dgl!

Hello CCSki enthusiasts,

David here,

Less than 3″ of fresh snow has fallen on the hard but not shiny base of the trails here at Shannondale.
This evening, I pulled our 5′ snow farmer over the Blue and Yellow Classic trails, and made a mellow 24″ wide crown.
Saturday morning, We will set a not quite full shape set of Classic tracks in that crown.
Both Orange and Green Skate trails will get some passes early in the morning as well
Cabin and Chalet will be warm in he morning and afternoon,

We are stayin’ healhy eh?

David !!

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