Jackrabbits meets Saturday mornings at 10am

Some of the following information may be dated.

Welcome to the Cross Country Canada Ski Jackrabbit Program. This program is unique in that the whole family enjoys active play and learns to ski together. Boundary Trails Nordic Club has offered Jackrabbits for 19 years at Burwalde Woods Honey Farm.

A very special thanks to Coop for supplying the Jackrabbit program with hot chocolate. Much appreciated!

Costs for JR will remain the same as last year – $20/child (which covers Jackrabbit costs) plus $45 “Family Club Membership” fees (which help cover costs of  insurance and trail making and provincial dues and gives your family access to the club trails). So if you have one child in JR the total due is $65. Two children would be $85. Three children would be $105, etc. To register 10 children from the same family, the price would be $245. Note that if you register 10 of your children, the 11th is free! JR fees (the $20/child)  are eligible for the “Child Physical Fitness Tax Credit”  so we will be handing out tax receipts when you register.


Note: In order to have the insurance for Jackrabbits you must also be club member. One cheque can be made out to Boundary Trails Nordic Club.  Please indicate on the memo section of your cheque indicate family or single membership and how many jackrabbits have registered in that amount of money. Note: To register in Jackrabbits it must be a family membership.


Parents are responsible for arriving in time to have their children’s skis waxed and on before start time (10 am).  Rental equipment is available in the rental/waxing hut at Burwalde Woods.  Rental fee is $3/day. Please ensure that you put ski boots back on the shelf in the place where you took them from, to help keep things organized.  Thanks!


All three programs take place on Saturdays at 10 a.m. at Burwalde Woods.

Bunnies (age 5 and under) is a parent and tot program.  Parents need to stay with their youngsters to provide encouragement and guidance.

From:  http://www.cccski.com/Programs/Athlete-Development/Skill-Development-Programs.aspx

The Skill Development Program (SDP) is comprised of three levels or stages, Bunnyrabbit, Jackrabbit and Track Attack. The overall objective of the program is to assist children in the development of a love of the outdoors, a healthy lifestyle, excellent technical skills and a good level of physical fitness within a sport environment.

The Bunnyrabbit Program (five and under) is directed at children in the ‘Active Start’ stage of development. This is the first level of the program. The objective is to introduce cross-country skiing and a healthy lifestyle associated with organized activity and active play. The program is designed to develop fundamental movement skills (with a focus on balance and agility), coordination, self confidence, imagination and social skills. It encourages children to be active and helps them develop an awareness and appreciation of our natural environment. Coaches are trained to meet the needs of children at this stage of development by taking the Intro to Community Coaching NCCP workshop.

The Jackrabbit Program (six-nine years) is directed at children in the ‘FUNdamentals’ stage of development. This is the second level of the program. The objective is for children to learn basic cross-country ski skills (both classic and skating) and to instill a lifelong interest in the sport, thereby enhancing their quality of life and health. The program is designed to develop fundamental movement skills, build overall motor skills, confidence and social skills, and encourage fun and participation. Low-key competitions are introduced, as are inter-club social, skill and fitness oriented ski activities (e.g. on-snow ski camps). Coaches are trained to meet the needs of athletes at this stage of development by taking the Community Coaching NCCP workshop.

The Track Attack Program (ten -12 years) is directed at children in the ‘Learning to Train’ stage of development. This is the third level of the program. The objective is for the participants to become technically competent cross-country skiers and to utilize those skills to explore a wide range of cross-country ski activities, from back country excursions to Ski Tournaments. The program is designed to further develop and refine all the cross-country ski skills. Develop skills, speed, power and aerobic fitness, develop strength and flexibility as well as good ski habits, building adventure based activities into the seasonal plan e.g camps on and off snow. Coaches are trained to meet the needs of athletes at this stage of development by taking the Competition Introduction NCCP Workshop.


Participation is the main goal of ski racing. Races are short and well marked with volunteer adults at every turn. Children are thrilled to wear a racing bib and have timed starts and cheers at the finish line. Emphasis is not on winning but on being part of the ski buzz.


As contacting everyone to cancel a session is unreliable, parents decide on the advisability of attending Jackrabbits if weather conditions are questionable. You, as a parent, need to decide if your child will still have fun and stay warm and safe on very cold days. A word on clothing…to have fun in our climate, dressing in layers is the key. As we move and warm up, we can shed a layer and then put it back on when we feel chilly.  Safety in the cold is also important. Our session ends between 11:30 and noon. It is wonderful if you and your family want to continue skiing after this time, but be sure you know where your children are as the Jackrabbit volunteers are “off duty”.


Hot chocolate and snack is an important part of the ski experience!  Boundary Trails Nordic Club provides hot chocolate in the warm up cabin after every Saturday morning session.  Please bring your own mugs from home each week as we do not have facilities to clean mugs. We would also encourage you all to bring your own reusable water bottle, as often the skiers are thirsty for a drink of water.

We have a sign up list for snack treats, so please look for a date that works for you on the sign-up sheet in the cabin. It will take two parents each week to keep the process moving; the bunnies usually come into the warm up cabin first (around 11 am), then the Jackrabbits and Track Attackers follow at around 11:20am. This is a very social time for the children and parents.  Snack is optional, but, if you do bring snack, please keep in mind the number of kids and that your snack should be NUT FREE.


Start parking as far north as you can and leave as little space as possible between vehicles. Drive VERY slowly on the yard. Reverse with care.  There are many excited little children around who may not be paying attention to cars.


Parents are encouraged to stay and play. Please be here to assume care of your children by 11:30 am. Bunnies, of course, require their parents throughout the session.

A First Aid Kit is in the cabin. Important information about each Jackrabbit will be on a list in the kit along with an Emergency Action Plan.

A fire extinguisher is beside the cabin door. In the event of fire, evacuate the cabin immediately.

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