JD_PracticeJD’s doing some on-snow training with just enough snow. Nov 30, 2013.

First race of the season for BTNC racers

The Boundary Trails race team had a good showing at the Birch Open on Sunday, January 20, 2013. Despite cold conditions, the racers skied hard and placed well. Racers skied various distances between 500 metres and 10 kilometres. The members of the Junior Development team who raced were: Aaron, James, Ireland, Sonya, Emily, Tessa, Emma, Griffin, Elmanu, Sarah-Lynn and Levi. Other racers for BTNC were: Raena, Imogen, Asher, Sam, Cole, Gideon, Heather, Kevin, Steven, Doug and Phil. Check out the results at Birch Open 2013 Results

Congratulations to all the racers and thanks to all those who came out to cheer and encourage!

Looking forward to the next race, the Manitoba Loppet in Pinawa on January 27th. Any club members who would like to race for Boundary Trails can register before midnight on January 25 at MB Loppet Registration


Boundary Trails Nordic Ski Team Has A Good Showing At Provincial Sprint Championships

On December 19, 2010 the Provincial Sprint Championships were held at Pinawa, MB.  The Boundary Trails Nordic  Ski Team had 13 racers at the event along with 8 club members who raced.  The race team has grown over the years and is now including racers throughout Central region.  The Ski team is made up of racers from Winkler, Morden, Boissevain, Notre Dame and Portage and is coached by Lorne Warkentine and Doug Kelso.    The Sprint Championships was the first of many races this winter for the team.

Many of the racers medaled at the sprints which included:

Mini-Midget GirlsSilver-Tessa Warkentine (Winkler)

Mini-Midget Boys– 4th-Mark Banman (Winkler)

Midget GirlsGold-Sara Lynn Bergen (Winkler), 6th-Zoe Berard (Notre Dame), 8th-Annaliese Loeppky (Morden), 9th-Allison Banman (Winkler)

Midget BoysSilver-Levi Nadlersmith (Boissevain), Bronze-Levi Warkentine (Winkler), 5th-Willem Boersma (Portage)

Juvenile BoysBronze-Amos Nadlersmith (Boissevain), 4th-Jesse Thiessen (Morden), 5th-Riley Banman (Winkler)

Masters Men 3Silver-Lorne Warkentine (Winkler)

The results for the BTNC members that raced were:

Atom BoysGold-Sam Bergen (Winkler), Silver-Asher Nadlersmith (Boissevain)

Atom GirlsGold-Imogen Nadlersmith (Bossevain)

Pee Wee BoysGold-Gideon Nadlersmith (Boissevain), Silver-James Bergen (Winkler), Bronze-Aaron Warkentine (Winkler)

Pee Wee GirlsGold-Alexisse Berard (Notre Dame)

Masters Men 4-7th-David Nadlersmith (Boissevain).

CCSAM Provincial Results from Kenora Feb 12-13, 2011

Many BTNC racers attended Provincials and were quite the dominating force in their new intimidating racing suits! We heard many compliments from other skiers about how good we looked.  Several BTNC racers came back with medals and others were able to achieve their personal best and meet their personal goals for the year.  All this was done through the hard work and many hours of practice by the racers.  However, this could not be achieved without the dedication of the coaches, Lorne Warkentine and Doug Kelso.

Here are the results:

Saturday  Classic Feb 12, 2011

 Mini-Midget Boys:    Mark Banman -6th

Mini-Midget Girls:    Tessa Warkentine -4th

Midget Girls:    Sarah Lynn Bergen-3rd;  Zoe Berard and  Annaliese Loeppky-7th;  Allison Banman-13th

Midget Boys:    Levi Nadlersmith-2nd;  Levi Warkentine-3rd;  Willem Boersma-4th;  Alex Comte-5th

Juvenile Boys:   Riley Banman-3rd; Amos Nadlersmith-4th; Jesse Thiessen-5th;                                      Matthew Comte-7th; Nanau Loewen-8th

Junior Women:    Alex Loeppky-1st

Sunday Free Feb. 13, 2011

Mini-Midget Boys:    Mark Banman -7th

Mini-Midget Girls:    Tessa Warkentine -4th

Midget Girls:    Sarah Lynn Bergen-3rd;  Annaliese Loeppky-7th;  Zoe Berard-8th; Allison Banman-14th

Midget Boys:    Levi Nadlersmith-2nd;  Levi Warkentine-3rd;  Willem Boersma-4th;  Alex Comte-5th

Juvenile Boys:   Riley Banman-3rd; Amos Nadlersmith-5th; Matthew Comte-7th;                                           Jesse Thiessen-8th;  Nanau Loewen-9th

Junior Women:    Alex Loeppky-1st

Congratulations to all on a great season!


Alex at the Western Canadian Championships

BTNC Racer Alex Loeppky Heads to Halifax

Alex Loeppky, a long time BTNC skier and racer heads today, Feb. 19, 2011, for Halifax for the Canada Winter Games.  Alex is 18 years old and is attending the U of M working on an Environmental Science degree.   Alex states that Winter Games will certainly be a highlight in her life so far.  She has been training hard over the last several years to make the Manitoba Team.  She is presently on the U of M  Track team which has helped with her training.  Alex started racing when she was in grade school and had some successes and disappointments over the years.  However, her love of skiing kept her racing and training and it is now paying off for her.  Of course she had amazing coaches and role models along the way.  One role model who Alex looked up to was Heather Froese, another BTNC skier, who attended the last Canada Winter Games.  Heather’s hard work and dedication was an inspiration for Alex.  She also credits her coaches who have spent many hours in the bitter cold training her over the years.  Those coaches include Phil Froese, Doug Kelso and Lorne Warkentine.  Certainly Alex’s success in going to the games would not have happened without the whole Boundary Trails Nordic Ski Club!  If you would like to see Alex’s results at the Games you can access the site through the CCSAM website.  GO ALEX!!


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