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Shannondale is located a mile north of Thornhill which is 5 miles west of Morden.  Situated in a valley, these trails wind through the forest providing magnificent scenery.  Dave Lumgair, the proprietor, builder, and maintainer of these trails encourages skiers of all levels to come and enjoy.  The trails offer a range of technical difficulty from easy (Yellow or Green trails) to very challenging (Orange skate trail).  The Blue trail is a fantastic midlevel classic run that is a favourite among many.  The two chalets, one at the trail head and one in the valley are normally kept warm on the weekends.  Trail upkeep is supported by donations which can be left in the donation box at the trailhead.

Here’s a video of what it’s like to ski at Shannondale while being pulled by dogs!

Here’s one more…

Orange Skate Trails with Elevation

Blue Trail with elevation (there and back)

How to get to Shannondale

9 Responses to Shannondale

  1. Graham Bargen says:

    Any Updates?

  2. arlyn a says:

    Folks, How is David doing??

  3. Jesse Gibb says:


    Many thanks for all the hard work you and your crew have put into the most excellent trails at Shannondale. Skiing there helped me to keep sane through many long MB winters. Wishing you all the best.

    Jesse, now out in BC

  4. Admin says:

    Hi Lisa, Unfortunately, there are no rental skis at Shannondale. There are many sets of rentals at Burwalde Woods (for use at Burwalde Trails). The cost of rentals is $3 for members or $5 for non-members. The rentals are located in the shack near the parking area and are self-serve. The rental shack is always open.

  5. lisa braun says:

    Just wondering if you provide the ski’s and the cost of rentals? And your hours of operation?

  6. Megan says:

    Looking forward to the amazing Shannondale trails and seeing the lovely Dave L!!!!
    yay winter!!!

  7. Steve Biggs says:

    Thanks for the hospitality yesterday Dave, we had a stellar day on your beautifully groomed trails.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dave – What can we look forward to tomorrow?? Saturday.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dave….looking forward to seeing you…Any snow yet?


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