Shannondale Trails

Trails are good, 1/4/2020, dgl!

Good day eh! ccski folk,
David here,

Yes, trails are good.
Trails were mostly fresh groomed yesterday.
Water Seepage beside and onto the Blue Classic trail is a Nature phenomena to observe
Is about 2.5 kms out the Blue Classic. .
Ice pad Is freezing and building as the days pass.
Nature provides necessities, delights and challenges, EH?
And we continue to be with Nature, as she changes, daily,
Be cautious as you do CCSkiing,


Yes , New Snow at Shannondale, Let’s go ski! Dec 30 2019!

Greetings to CCSKI Enthusiasts,
David here,
This morning, Mike and I have packed about 4 inches of new snow for CCSking.
Skate Trails are packed and I am in warming up.
Looks like it has stopped snowing and the forecast map suggests that’s it for new snow.
I am about to start grooming the Classic Trails.
Everything should be groomed by noon.
Trail head cabin will be warm 24/7 until after Jan 5, 2020.
Chalet in the Valley will be warm each day by noon.
Come and refresh body, mind and spirit!
Yahoo! We can be Healthy and Happy!!

Shannondale Ski Dec 20, 21, 22, weekend , David!

Hello ccski folks,
david here ,

Shannondale trails are holding steady,
A light touch of grooming has been applied in some places.
The 10km medium skills Classic Blue Trail to Carsons, is said to be 85% excellent, with just a few spots to watch for.
The East loop of the easy Green Skate and the Yellow Classic , has some dirt showing.
The balance of the Green and Yellow trails are good.
Local Skate skiers have been doing some of the more challenging Orange Skate trail.
Do ski with adequate caution for your own continuing pleasure.
Grooming will continue and more snow will come.
Trailhead Cabin and The Chalet in the Valley will be warm for Saturday and Sunday.
Weather forecast:
Do ski with adequate caution for your own continuing pleasure.


February 3, 2018

All Trails have new snow.
Both Skate Trails were packed and are Skimmer/Ginzu groomed 102″ wide , with a Shallow Mellow Ripple surface!
All 3 Classic trails have set up full shape today.
The Orange Trails Wilson Meadow has snow enough and are groomed for good skiing on both Skate and Classic!
We are ready for Sunday skiers!

The weather, could be better, eh?
Dress for the weather, eh?
Cross Country Skiing is a winter sport, eH!
We can do it!
Trail Head Cabin and the Chalet in the Valley will be warm for Sunday skiers.

January 27, 2018

Fresh Snow! Lets Go! Ski Shannondale!
Yellow Classic and Green Skate Trails set up great at dusk tonight

Hello CCSki Folks,
David here

Trail Head Cabin and the Chalet in the Valley will both be warm tomorrow !

And the weather: not too cold with very little wind forecast here.

Blue Classic Trail will be groomed in the morning.
Tracks will be full shape and White all the way!

The Orange twins, Classic and Skate be good, but with “trail signs up” Indicating slight change of course, including up Stormy Bypass.
The Wilson Meadow , skate and classic continues to be shy of snow.
Green and Orange Skate Trails are linked at both ends of Green Trail.
Trails will be excellent!

Yes, Be Fit For Life!!
“Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba” Ski Day at Shannondale is planned for Feb 17 2018.
Join us: We are “Healthy Hearts Helping” !
Donations will be accepted and receipted.


January 26, 2018

Trail Head Cabin and the Chalet will be warm for both Saturday and Sunday.
The quality of Shannondale Ski Trails have diminished just a little over the past week.
The popular medium skills Blue Classic Trail has pretty classic tracks most all the way..
We have been supplementing the snow on the Blue trail, where needed, particularly on Brian’s Meadow.
The added snow has been skied in
This Blue Classic Trail is 5 kms out and 5 kms return.
Consider these trail conditions as pretty good..
The easy Green Skate trail and the Yellow Classic were groomed this late afternoon, and are good but for a short section with very thin snow North of the creek, but is skiable.
And I did Ginzu condition the Orange Skate Trail this afternoon.
The Orange Classic and Skate trails will be very fast and are mostly good, refere to following exceptions.
Approaching Orange Tarzan Ridge is grey dust mixed with snow, . is skiable
The Orange Wilson Meadow is quite icy and grassy.
and the upper part of the Wilson Gully is Grey too
Shannondale trails are well prepared for the coming of new snow!
Above exceptions excluded, The Skate trails are in very good shape, with wide level shallow mellow ripple surface.
Ski within your skills levels, 
Be careful, the trails are fast with this old snow, 
David !!

January 20, 2018

Shannondale Ski Trails mostly good! for Jan 21, 22, 2018, dgl!

Greetings Ski folks,

David here,

The temp was about +4 and with light cloud most of the day.
The weather outlook is like this:
Cooler tomorrow and cooler again on Sunday.
Our Groomer Guy says the Trails are surprisingly good with some isolated exceptions.
He has groomed the Green Skate and the Orange Skate tonight.
On the Orange Skate, Tarzan Ridge has some grey snow and the Wilson Meadow is shy of snow.
Taking Stormy Bypass avoids the Wilson Meadow.
The Green Skate is good but has one short part with skimpy snow.
The Orange Classic will not be groomed.
The Blue Classic is very good except some grass is apparent on Brian’s Meadow.
And the Yellow Classic will be good too, but has one short part with skimpy snow.
We will do some touch up grooming in the morning.

The challenges are for you to enjoy!


January 14, 2018

Good Morning CCSkiers! 
All trails at Shannondale will be groomed this morning. 
Yes, there is a skiff of fresh snow and the temp is forecast to reach -12 degrees Celsius, with a little NNW wind in the open.
Trails are mostly in the bush, eH!
The hourly weather forecast looks like this.  

Yes , You can get a fresh start! at Shannondale!!
David !!!!




2 Responses to Shannondale Trails

  1. Chris kirouac says:

    Hi are your trails good for skiing this Saturday and Sunday (April 4&5) after the big snowstorm?

  2. Darrell says:

    Hi David, how did your trails fair after the warm weather this past weekend?

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