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Southern Manitoba Digs Out After Epic 2cm Snowfall

Southern Manitoba Digs Out After Epic 2cm Snowfall
(AKA Burwalde Ski Report)

Apparently Environment Canada has reset the threshold for a heavy snowfall warning. Now, back when I was a kid…
Fortunately we are equipped to handle any amount of snow and manage quite well even when the white stuff seems a bit scant; so here is the trail update.

Main Classic Trails– retracked and most of the trash and ice are covered. One thin spot on the North Trail which can be detoured around. Very good condition.
Ice Road – groomed for classic and skate. The skate portion now goes all the way to the road but use caution going over the beaver dam.
South Side Outer Limits and Garden Tour – groomed with multiple classic lanes for that group ski experience. Excellent Condition!
Creek Trail – Trackset for the first half (up to the road bridge) The snow ramps on the creek crossings still need to be shoveled in before we can groom the last part of the trail.
Skate Trails – Mostly in very good condition. The west side of Outer Limits was groomed for the first time today; It has a few rough areas with dirt showing. one more snowfall should fix that.
Roller Coaster and Hoppin’ Hollow in good shape for those who prefer the up and down skiing experience.

Happy Trails

Burwalde Trails Report

Nordic Centre is now open for rentals most days. Trails that have been groomed are in fair to good condition. The Creek Trail is still not groomed as we still need more snow for the crossings. Outer Limits is not complete but there are good sections for skating on all but the west side.

For classic skiing the main Burwalde Loop is trackset as well as the Ice Road (on the creek) and the south side of Outer Limits including the Garden Tour.

Burwalde Trails Update

Rentals are still closed as we await a bit more snow however the trails are open and some of the trails have been groomed. Skate trails are in moderately good condition but you can’t get around Outer Limits yet so some back and forth skiing is required. Classic trails are a bit more limited. There is a groomed track around the 5KM Burwalde Tour but parts of it are a bit bare of snow and somewhat icy.  Inner Circle has the best tracks.

Hopefully some snow in our future. It won’t take much to improve conditions as we do have a firm base on most of the trails.

I have skied at Shannondale a few times this week and can report that the snow conditions are better there and the skiing quite enjoyable.

Keep up the snow dance.

Friday February 22nd 2019

All trails are in excellent condition. Snow base is 30cm and more in some areas. Come out and join us for Distance Challenge 2019 tomorrow. If you want to get a jumpstart on your distance, trails will open this evening at 7:00pm, for distance challengers only. Trails are closed today as we prepare for the big event.

December 23rd 2018

Lots of new snow! Everything is in great shape for all your holiday skiing.

December 17th 2018

Saturday’s warm temperatures and high winds were not kind to our snow but fortunately we at least avoided the rain that some areas had. With a little effort from our grooming crew the ski conditions start out pretty good this week.

All the skate ski trails have been reconditioned and are in great shape except for a few thin-snow areas.

Most of the classic trails have also been re-groomed except for the Creek Trail which is on the “not recommended” list until we get new snow.

December 8th 2018

All trails are open and in fair to good condition. No new snow this past week but things are holding up well. The biggest problem is maple seeds on the trail thanks mostly to our busy squirrels.

Classic Trails: All are trackset including Outer Limits and Creek Trail. Use caution on the Creek Trail especially at the crossings.

Skate Trails: All are groomed and in good condition including: Inner Circle, Ice Road, Roller Coaster, Outer Limits and the Braun Ski Bahn

November 25th 2018

Most of the trails have been packed and are skiable, with caution. No classic tracks have been set yet due to the minimal snow. The Nordic Centre will not be open until December 1st and ski rentals will not be available until we have enough snow to set tracks. Looking forward to more snow.

March 16th 2018

Classic: Main Burwalde trails regroomed today, Creek Trail partially regroomed (you will have to take off skis at some of the creek crossings) with several return options on the north dike, Outer Limits classic not groomed recently ( multiple bare spots along field)

Skate: All regroomed except for Rollercoaster. In good condition for now. Expect bare spots along the west side of Outer Limits to develop over the next few days.

March 12th 2018

Trails all regroomed. Excellent Spring ski conditions for classic and skate.

March 8th 2018

We are skiing again at Burwalde Trails and we have saved the best for last. Main classic loop is tracked and all the skate trails are groomed including for the first time this year, the full Outer Limits. This may be a time limited offer so don’t delay if you want to get a bit more skiing in this season.

January 28th 2018

A slight dusting of snow over the weekend has improved the classic trails considerably making for quite good skiing over most of the trail system. Skate trails are also in good shape and will get a little touch-up grooming tomorrow to bring them into top condition. The only problems are a lack of snow on the west side of Outer Limits and one creek crossing on the classic Creek Trail which flooded last week and is now a rough re-frozen crossing that needs to be approached with caution.

Monday Night skiing coming up again and it should be a good one this week with a nearly full moon (the second one this month). See you on the trails!

January 25th 2018

No new snow since last report and some trail deterioration from warm weather late last week.

The 5km classic has been reset and is in good condition. Creek trail is in fair condition but has not been recently groomed. Skate ski trails are in good condition except the west side of Outer Limits which will not be groomed until we have new snow.

Update on Creek Trail: Tracks are in good shape but as on Jan 26th there is water on the most westerly crossing.

January 19th 2018

Trails are all open for the first time this season but the warm temperatures have deteriorated the skiing in a few sections.

PARKING is limited especially when we have lots of skiers so please park tightly. The area along the driveway is wide enough for angle parking (no parallel parking please) You can also park along Rd 16 and get direct access to Outer Limits and the Creek Trail. DON’T PARK ON THE MAIN HIGHWAY.

The Nordic Centre and all the rental skis have been reserved by Regional Connections from 1:00 to 4:00pm on Sunday. Please adjust your skiing plans accordingly.

January 14th 2018

About 5cm of fresh snow this week has really freshened up the trails and opened up some new ones.

Classic Trails

5km Burwalde Tour –  good to excellent condition

Creek Trail- first tracksetting of the season, good condition

Outer limits (classic) – packed but not trackset yet, maybe after today’s snowfall

Skate Trails

Everything in good condition except for the west side of Outer Limits where there are bare patches along the field.

November 24th 2017

The meltdown of the past 24 hours has pretty much put our early ski season on hold. So unless you are the kind of skier that enjoys dirty ice with occasional bare patches you may have to find another activity until the snow returns. There will be no ski rentals available until we have enough snow for proper trail grooming.

November 17th

No new snow this past week. Melting early in the week made for icy conditions but trails have been reworked for reasonable early season skiing.

Main 5km classic is groomed and trackset. Most skate ski trails have been regroomed but west side of Outer Limits is still very rough. Creek trail and Roller Coaster remain closed and ungroomed, awaiting more snow.

November 12th 2017

We are a full week into skiing now at Burwalde Trails with our earliest ski season ever. Trails are partially open but the Nordic Centre will not be fully open until Saturday November 25th.

The main 5km classic trail is trackset and in good condition. Most of the skate trail is groomed and in good condition except for sections along the field on Outer Limits where a bit more snow is needed to cover crop residue. Creek Trail needs more snow before it can be set.

The next two weeks are hunting season and even though there shouldn’t be any hunting taking place on our trails it’s a good idea to wear bright colours and make yourself visible when skiing in the woods.

March 17th 2017
Ski conditions-Burwalde Trails
More rain and dirty snow from the dirt blizzard earlier this month are threatening an early end to ski season but its not quite over yet and there may still be a few surprises on the bumpy road to Spring.
Skate skiing has been good all week and the trails were groomed again this morning (March 17)as the temperatures dropped. Classic is also back in a limited way as 4km of the Burwalde Tour was tracked this morning as well. The snow is quite snirty in sections so I don’t expect it to last too long. Will keep some trails groomed as long as possible for those of us who aren’t ready to pack the skis away just yet. ☔️❄️️🌬🎿😊

March 8th 2017

Rain, wind and now ice but barely a touch of new snow.

Skate ski trails have been renovated and are in surprisingly great shape. Classic tracks are still holding their shape but are icy with a bit of new snow in them. There is a chance that we may be able to reset them when the temperatures warm up but for now it is a ski as-is situation. Use caution in the parking area as it is quite icy.

March 1st 2017

Ski conditions remain very good after a very busy Distance Challenge weekend. Skate trails have all been renovated and are in exceptionally good condition for this time of year. The main classic trails remain in good condition with a skiff of new snow on them this morning. The creek trail hasn’t been groomed since the flooding a week ago but with the continued winter weather we may look at repairing the crossings and track-setting before the weekend. Happy Spring Skiing!

February 25 – 27, 2017

Louis Riel Weekend

Conditions are very soft at Burwalde and will likely stay that way all weekend. In light of the poor skiing conditions the Nordic Centre will be closed and there will be no rentals available until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

If you do come skiing, early morning is best. Avoid skiing if your skis are making ruts in the trails (these are very hard to repair). Cooler weather will return and we will do our best to get the trails in shape for Distance Challenge on Feb 25th.

March 9th, 2016

It looks like we may be near the end of this ski season. The grooming equipment has been parked and will stay that way unless we have a serious return to winter. There is still a bit of ski trail that is skiable but there are a few bare spots and some flooding on low sections to dodge. The next few days promise to do serious damage to our snow, even in the woods. Truly addicted skiers will soon have to retreat to the shelter-belt drifts or turn to whatever offseason sport they choose to engage in between ski seasons.

March 1st, 2016

Despite 150 skiers skiing 4500km in Saturday’s Distance Challenge we still have snow on the trails. A light snowfall on Sunday allowed for re-grooming. Trails are in good to excellent condition and hard wax should work well with the new snow. There are a few icy areas but for the most part trails are in great shape. The Creek Trail is no longer being maintained unless we get a very significant snowfall in the near future. Happy Spring Skiing!

February 23rd, 2016

About a cm of new snow overnight. Trails are in good shape. Grooming will be kept to a minimum this week to preserve the snow for Saturday’s Distance Challenge but you are welcome to ski them. Trails will be closed on Friday to allow for event preparations and to keep the snow in good shape. Hope to see everyone out on the trails on Saturday. Come out and join in the fun and distance pursuit on Saturday.

February 20th, 2016

Main classic trails have been re-tracked including Outer Limits. ski the Creek Trail with caution as it has not been re-groomed at this point. Trail surface is corn snow and crushed ice: recommended wax Blue Klister (hard wax will work but will wear off quickly). Skate trails are fast and icy and will be re-surfaced in the next few days. Watch out for the very icy parking area and some water/ice at one end of the Skiing Double trail. New snow would be welcome but all trails remain skiable at this point despite the melting this last week.

February 18th, 2016

With current forecast expect the trails to be closed tomorrow, Friday February 19th. With cooling on Friday night we should be able to re-open for the weekend. Our snow depth is somewhat limited but we expect that all the trails will hold out for Distance Challenge 2016 on February 27th.

December 24th, 2015

Two snowfalls in the last week have given us a great start to the season. All trails have been groomed and are in excellent condition.

December 11th, 2015


Just a dusting of snow. Not enough for skiing yet but it gives us hope.

March 16th, 2015

Seasons Farewell

Thats all for now folks. See you next winter unless a spring snowstorm puts us back on the trails sooner.

March 9-13, 2015

UPDATE March 10th: The rapid melt has forced cancellation of Distance Challenge ’15. Many trails are already unskiable. Some of the sheltered trails may still have a couple of skis left in them but we expect to be finished with skiing in a few days.

It looks like a challenging week for us at Burwalde Trails as we try to keep as much good snow on the trails as possible for the Distance Challenge on Saturday.

Please help out by staying off the trails when they are soft. For this week that means the only times you will be able to ski are early morning or late in the evening. If we don’t have frost overnight the morning may not work either. As a guideline; if you are making ruts in the trail it is too warm to be out there.

Monday Night skiing will go ahead this evening.

We are doing our best to have a fun ski day on Saturday.

February 16th, 2015

All trails were groomed last night. Excellent ski conditions throughout for both skate and classic skiing

February 13th, 2015

Approximately 10cm of snow over the past week. All trails have been groomed in the last few days. Both classic and skate trails in excellent condition. The wind continues to blow so there may be some blown in sections on the more exposed trails such as Outer Limits. Dress for cold skiing tomorrow and look forward to a bit of warming later this weekend.

January 29th, 2015

This just in; spring skiing is over… winter is back! Yesterday’s drizzle has turned to solid ice today but the ski trails are still white. Most of the skate trails have been roughed up enough this morning to make for fast but controllable skiing. The classic trails are a bit more of a challenge but the Main-Northwoods-Pigtail-Inner Circle combo has been re-tracked and should be a pleasant ski experience. Currently we are deciding how much effort to put into the rest of the classic trails. They for the most part have a good track but remain icy.

Update: January 30th– Outer Limits Classic and Skiing Double Classic re-tracked today. A skiff of new snow has mellowed out the ice considerably.

January 27th, 2015

Warm temperatures and wind this past week combined with the lack of any fresh snow have made for challenging skiing and grooming conditions. However, after a fair bit of effort we can report that most trails are now in fair to good ski condition. The main classic trails have been groomed and there is a detour in place on the Northwoods Loop where we had a serious melt down. Outer Limits Classic is in good shape; it also has a detour. Skiing Double on the creek is in good condition. The Creek Trail is groomed half way (the groomer had to turn back due to water on one of the creek crossings). For skate-skiing: Inner Circle and Skiing Double are very good, Outer Limits is mostly good although you may have to double pole on the classic track in a few places where the snow melted right out, Rollercoaster has good snow cover but is a bit rough (I may try to rework it yet but that is proving challenging with the very thin snow base that we have. New snow would be welcome but there still is some pretty good skiing out there just the same.

January 20th, 2015

Most of the trails at Burwalde were re-set after a very busy weekend of ski activity. Trails are still in very good condition although fresh snow would be welcome. There are a few bare spots on the Outer Limits skate- ski to watch out for and there is currently a bit of water on the most westerly creek crossing on the Creek Trail. Enjoy the milder temperatures this week.

January 10th, 2015

We can finally report that the entire trail system at Burwalde is groomed and for the most part in excellent condition. There are a few thin area on Outer Limits where the wind removed the snow and a few drifted in sections where the wind deposited that snow but it is all skiable nonetheless. You will notice a few changes in the trails from previous years with the addition of some connecting trails between the inner-woods trails and Outer Limits. They are mostly for the benefit of our skate skiers but classic skiers are welcome to use them as well. The inner-woods classic trails are one-way trails while Outer Limits, Creek Trail and Skiing Double are two-way traffic.

January 5th, 2015

Just when we were starting to lose hope New Years arrived and with it our first real snow of the season; about 20cm where the wind didn’t rearrange it. With the exception of the Creek Trail everything has been groomed including a few new sections that we are trying out for the first time this year. A few thin spots on Outer Limits. Plans are to get the Creek Trail open in the next few days.

December 28th, 2014

We have had about 1cm of light snow since last report; still not enough to set any classic tracks on the main trails. We are however still using the creek for skate skiing and recently have taken to setting trails in the ditch where a bit of wind-blowen snow has accumulated. Check out the reports under “Whats New”. Be prepared to dress warmly in the next few days if you plan on checking out our latest trails as ditches tend to be a bit exposed to the winds.

December 19th, 2014

No new snow since last report and what little snow there is, was glazed over with a bit of freezing drizzle a few days ago. The creek and the play-field have been roughed enough for skate-skiing. The main classic trails that were packed earlier still have a bit of base but are marginal skiing at best. Still doing the snow dance.

December 8th, 2014

We are just barely skiing at Burwalde and looking forward to more snow. The snow on the creek has been packed into a quite acceptable 1km skate-ski trail and the 1km Inner Circle trail also skis reasonably well despite the leaves and grass showing here and there. The main classic trail has been packed as of today and should be skiable but there are no set tracks yet.

March 28th, 2014

It looks like winter isn’t quite done with us yet and skiing is still an option for this weekend and maybe even a bit into April. Outer Limits(classic) and the Creek Trail are no longer being groomed but still skiable. The main 5km Burwalde Classic was reset yesterday and has good fast tracks. All the skate trails have been groomed and will be touched up again today. They are fast and icy in some areas but control is not too bad. In short; fast, fun skate skiing and a good classic track but you will likely need klister or waxless skis for kick or just plan on a lot of double-poling.

March 23rd, 2014

Spring skiing continues at Burwalde and the snow conditions vary wildly from day to day. There has only been a trace of new snow in the week but the classic trails remain in fair condition with no bare spots, yet. The skate-ski trails are fast and in as good condition   as we have seen this winter. This will likely be the last week of quality skiing for us so get out and enjoy it while you can. Monday night skiing will be on tomorrow night.

March 7th, 2014

All trails were groomed and track-set today following yesterday’s 5cm+ snowfall. The wind has finally let up and skiing conditions are excellent for tomorrow. We will be moving into Spring skiing soon so try to avoid skiing when the trails are too soft. Note that the annual Distance Challenge is set for Saturday the 15th of March. Trails will be closed on Friday to allow for proper preparations.

February 24th, 2014

Apologies for the long gap in trail reports. Be assumed that a lot of snow has fallen and a lot of grooming has happened and a lot of skiers have been on the trails since the last report. Currently we are experiencing a sunny cold but relatively wind-free day for a change. The main 5km loop was re-tracked last night and Outer Limits skate and classic were groomed this morning. The Creek Trail was last set two days ago and is good condition other than a few blown in sections. All round  excellent ski conditions albeit a bit on the cold side. Just think of it as good weather to preserve our snow for lots of Spring skiing. Make sure you have March 15th marked on your calendars for the annual BTNC Distance Challenge.

January 29th,2014

Skiing Double

Skiing Double

For the first time in weeks I can report that all the trails in the Burwalde system are groomed but even as I write this the wind is picking up again and blowing in sections of some of the more exposed areas. After much shovelling the Creek Trail is again skiable. For now, the slush problems that affected Skiing Double are cleared up and it has been re-groomed. Outer Limits (classic) will be reset later today when the wind dies down. All the skate trails are groomed but some areas may be soft for a while because of the heavy drifting we experienced this past weekend. We are experiencing a one-day break in the cold spell so hopefully you can get out and enjoy the trails.

January 24th, 2014

Wind, cold and fresh snow have created havoc with the grooming schedule this week. As of this morning the main 5km Classic has been freshly set. OuterLimits has been packed and will be trackset tonight when the wind and snow let up. Hopefully the Creek trail will also be groomed tomorrow; it has suffered heavy drifting this week due to all the fresh snow and high winds. Inner Skate loop is groomed and Outer Limits Skate has been packed and leveled but there is currently some drifting snow on the exposed west side of the loop.

January 17th, 2014

The last blizzard didn’t bring much new snow but there was a lot of drifting and branches down on the trails. The main 5km Burwalde Classic has been retracked as has Outer Limits (classic). For the skaters only Inner Circle has been groomed. Expect the balance of the trails to be groomed tomorrow following the, hopefully, fresh snow that is forecast tonight.

January 10th, 2014

Main trails groomed this evening after several days of heavy ski traffic. Skate trails, Outer Limits (classic) and Creek Trail all trackset in the past few days. Conditions generally excellent. Please note: Water has come up on the creek crossing at KM4 of the Creek Trail making for an icy slippery crossing – remove skis and use extreme caution walking across. We hope to do repair work on that section soon.

January 5th, 2014

Since the latest snowfall two days ago the main 5km classic trail and Skiing Double have been trackset. With the continuing cold and hazardous windchills the more exposed Creek Trail and Outer Limits will not be groomed until Tuesday Jan 7th. Inner Circle and Rollercoaster have been groomed for skating but don’t expect much glide.

December 30th, 2013


Outer Limits trail on a crisp sunny day

All trails have been groomed in the past 24 hours. Temperatures are brisk but trails are in excellent condition. About 5 cm fell during Saturday’s blizzard but it wasn’t very evenly distributed. The groomer did a good job of levelling the drifts even on the wind-blowen Outer Limits trail.

December 23rd, 2013

Skiing conditions remain in good at Burwalde although deepfreeze conditions have kept all but the hardiest skiers off the trails lately. New snow would be welcome to cover the accumulation of seeds and leaves that have been brought down by recent winds. Although all trails have been groomed in the past week you can expect some blown-in sections on Creek Trail and Outer Limits. Best choice in the cold windy weather: Skiing Double. A little new snow and the forecast milder conditions should make for excellent  ski conditions over the holiday period.

December 14th, 2013

A little snow today served to freshen up the trails but did little to speed them up with current deep-freeze conditions. Our entire trail system is now open with good snow cover in most places and adequate on the rest. New for this year for any classic skiers that might want to escape the confines of the woods trail. Outer Limits now has a parallel classic trail all the way around. Skiing Double, an east twin-tracked jaunt on the frozen creek is open for the second year. It is a favourite among romantics and anyone else who enjoys a side-by-side ski.

December 6th, 2013

Ski conditions are good albeit bitingly cold. New snow this week has got us into full trail grooming mode. The main 5km classic loop is trackset as is the Creek Trail. Skiing Double was trackset this morning. For the skate skiers Inner Circle and Rollercoaster are in excellent condition. Work has started on Outer Limits, where the wind has scoured some of the sections down to dirt while other areas are drifted high. We should have something skiable there in a few days. Watch for an improved Outer Limits classic as well this season. Our clubhouse improvements are also progressing well so feel free to drop by and check that out as well.

April 23rd, 2013

Time-Limited Offer

Time-Limited Offer

Inner Circle Tranquility

Inner Circle Tranquility

The ski season is winding down but it’s not done yet, at least for some of us. There was a fair turnout for Monday Night Ski last night and it was great skiing for both classic and skate. The nearly full moon made headlamps optional. Classic trail was last set on April 21st and remains in mostly excellent shape. Inner Circle skate trail is excellent while Outer Limits is a bit rough after being cut up by some enthusiastic skiers last night. Crust skating is still good if you are out early enough in the morning. Enjoy it while it lasts but get out early as the trail is too soft after 11:00 in the morning.

The pictures were both taken today. The second one is more typical of the current snow cover while the other one with a warm southern exposure is the poorest snow cover.

April 18th, 2013

Inner Circle Trail April 18, 2013

Inner Circle Trail
April 18, 2013

Day 160 and counting of groomed trail skiing at Burwalde Trails this winter/spring. This morning there still is some loose powder snow blowing around in the open areas. Classic trails still have a 20cm base and have been recently groomed. Skate skiing is amazing; the 5.5km loop is all intact and if you get out early the crust skiing is even better. I have given up predicting when this will all end but the groomed trails will likely make it through the coming weekend and as far as the early morning crust skiing, who knows, we might make it to May yet. I’ll keep you posted. Please stay off the groomed trails in the afternoon when they are too soft to support your skis.

April 16th, 2013

Yes, another trail report! We had 10cm of new wet snow yesterday. The 5km main classic trail has been groomed as well as the skate trails. Conditions are excellent but try to get your skiing in before noon or after 7:00 in the evening as conditions tend to deteriorate into mush in the afternoon which makes for less than ideal skiing.

April 13th, 2013

Skiing continues and a few skiers venture onto the trails every day. The 5km Burwalde Classic Tour was re-set Friday night and should be in excellent shape. The Creek Trail has not been tracked for a while but is still in good touring condition with no water on the creek crossings as of Friday. Both Inner Circle skate and Outer Limits skate have been freshly groomed and are in excellent condition. If you are tired of the same old trails  you will find that most mornings the crust is firm enough so really anywhere that is white (and that is pretty much everywhere) can be your ski playground, so why not join the real jackrabbits out in the fields and chart your own route.

Update: Crossings on Creek Trail now have water on them. The rest of the trails are fine.

April 8th, 2013

We are charting new territory with skiing into the second week of April so every ski day is a bonus. The main 5km of classic trail has been re-set; the Creek Trail is still skiable but will likely not be groomed again. Outer Limits (classic) is no longer being groomed. The skate trails are the groomers choice these days with both Inner Circle and Outer Limits being groomed most days. Try to get your skiing in during the morning or later in the evening as both the ski trails and the parking area tend to be quite soft in the afternoons. This Monday may be our last Monday Night Ski but that remains to be seen. Hope you can make it out.

P.S. Put a good layer of hard wax over my leftover klister from last week and skied the Creek Trail this morning. One of the better skis of this fall/winter/spring; lots of wild turkey tracks but wasn’t attacked by any.

April 6th, 2013

Yes we are still skiing with the geese flying overhead. The dusting of snow last night should make for better classic skiing. The tracks have not been re-set but are still in great shape. The skate-ski trail was groomed this morning and looks to be in excellent condition. There is a bit of water coming in on one of the creek crossings which might entail a detour later in the day. Will try to ski the Creek Trail this morning as well. Addendum: Had a good ski on the creek trail… no water on the crossings yet.

April 2nd, 2013

Apparently we jumped the gun a bit on our snow removal project. The provincial government has sent the whole plan back to review committee; this after several opposition MLAs complained that rural residents were again being called on to foot the bill for what  is essentially a Winnipeg problem. There were also rumblings from some of the governments own backbenchers about the environmental costs of the thousands of trucks and hundreds of pieces of equipment that would have to be employed in this massive snow moving effort. Meanwhile we have asked that our snow be returned and are hoping that we may be able to add any other homeless loads of snow to our trails so that our ski season can be extended until July. What’s that you say; you’re only allowed to have fun on one day of the year?

Seriously folks, we are having a lot of fun, but mostly on our skis. Conditions were so fast on the skate-ski trail tonight that it made ones eyes water and it was controllable skiing as well. Classic trails are glazed and fast as well but we have limited hills so you can enjoy as much speed as you like. For a good kick klister would be the best option but under such good glide conditions a lot of our skiers just opt for double-poling. As long as there is adequate snow we intend to keep on going with occasional grooming when it seems warranted. We will post when there are significant changes.

April 1st, 2013

Concerns about flooding in the Red River Valley this spring has caused the provincial government to make an unprecedented appeal to local landowners. Before this massive snowpack melts and inundates the valley as much of the snow as possible is going to be loaded on trucks and hauled directly to Lake Winnipeg where it can melt slowly without threatening properties in and around Winnipeg.

Here at Burwalde Trails we feel we must do our part so starting this morning we will begin to strip the snow off our trails and bid it farewell as it heads down the highway. Painful as this is we have to agree that we have had a good season but it is still hard to let it go. What you would have enjoyed this first day of April would have been a completely groomed trail system. The classic trails almost in mint condition except for some glazing from the recent sunny days; in fact the Creek trail was only just trackset yesterday. The skate trail too was just re-groomed and probably in the best condition of the season. Too bad, hope to see you all back next year.

March 30th, 2013

The sun worked the snow hard yesterday but a late day grooming did a good job of breaking through the crusty areas and giving a fairly uniform base to the trails. All the classic trails were re-groomed except for the Creek Trail, which was still in very good condition. Skate trails have also had a touch up and are in fantastic condition. It continues to be the best Easter weekend skiing this groomer has ever seen. Remember though that the early skiers tend to get the best skiing at this time of year as the afternoons  tend to have soft sucky snow that is much less fun to ski on.

March 29th, 2013

Closing in on the end of March and ski conditions continue to be excellent. Classic trails are firm and fast but still ski well with regular kick wax. All trails are still open for what promises to, perhaps, be the last weekend with such conditions.

March 24th, 2013

Skiing conditions were excellent this past weekend. Burwalde Trails hosted the Burwalde Birkie  on Saturday; the first “official” race ever run on our trails. All classic trails were re-tracked Sunday evening which should make for excellent skiing for the start of the week. When temperatures start rising as they inevitably will at this time of year it is best to stay off of them in the heat of the day. Morning and evening skiing is the better choice both for the quality of your ski experience as well as to prevent serious trail damage

March 20th, 2013

Spring skiing starts at Burwalde Trails! Nearly all the trails have been groomed now and the rest will be done this evening when the wind dies down. Conditions are excellent albeit a bit more like January skiing than March. The sun is strong though so put on the sunscreen and get out on the skis before this bonus season comes to an end.

March 18th, 2013

More snow! Another 10 to 15cm of fresh snow blanketed the trails last night and now the wind is blowing it around. The main 5km Burwalde Classic Loop will be groomed and trackset for our regular Monday Night Skiers. The rest of the classic trails and the skate loops will be tackled when the wind subsides. Expect another two weeks of skiing.

March 7th, 2013

Let There Be Snow!

Let There Be Snow!

Yes we have snow! It has taken a bit more time than usual for us prairie groomers to get through the mountain-size, 40+ cm snowfall we received on Monday. Except for Skiing Double all classic and skate trails are ready to ski. As we are hosting our club’s 8th Annual Distance Challenge on Saturday March 9th all of our trails will be closed on Friday so final preparations can be made. On Saturday the trails are only open to registered participants of the Distance Challenge (all are welcome).

February 19th, 2013

We had a significant snowfall early this week and blizzard-like winds piled the snow high in many areas making the grooming a bigger than usual challenge. It will be a few days before everything is groomed. So far the 5km super classic loop is trackset while the Creek Trail has been rolled and will be trackset early tomorrow. The skate trails will take a bit longer while we dig through the drifts but they will be ready, albeit likely a bit slow on glide until they are properly packed and the temperatures pick up a bit.

February 6th, 2013

Playing in Powder

Playing in Powder

It doesn’t get any better than this; 12cm of fresh powder and then the sun comes out. The trails were all groomed and trackset today and conditions are, you guessed it, excellent. Enjoy!

January 31st, 2013

Quiet Trail

Quiet Trail

The trails are mostly quiet today… it may have something to do with the -40 windchill, but in the woods the temperatures are tolerable if you are dressed for them and moving. Other days lately though have seen a lot of skiers on the trails taking advantage of the excellent snow conditions we are experiencing this winter. The snowbase continues to build up giving us some insurance for spring skiing to come.

The trails making up the 5km super loop are in excellent, albeit slow, condition. The Creek trail, being a bit more exposed, will have a few sections blown in. The west side of Outer Limits and Classic Express will be blown-in today and we will wait for more moderate weather before re-grooming those sections.

January 10th, 2013

Minnewasta Golf Course January 10, 2012

Minnewasta Golf Course
January 10, 2012

Don’t panic! The picture is from a year ago today. Does anyone remember last winter? The photo was taken after I took advantage of the very strange weather to pedal the 12km to town on my bicycle (no toque required).

While that was last season; this one is quite different. Today marks exactly two months since we started grooming at Burwalde. There has been at least one skier on the trail every day since, and lately those numbers have swelled to upwards of 100 on the most popular days. With new skiers showing up regularly hopefully our new map and improved signage will help skiers find their way around. I dare say that some of our regulars might even find some new trails if they check out the map.

I haven’t reported ski conditions for some time and we have had very little new snow lately but the trails remain in good condition. The tree debris brought down by this weeks wind is the main annoyance for classic skiers. If you are lucky enough to be a skater the skate trails are in excellent shape. The picture promises to change tomorrow with the forecast of a winter storm but be assured that the grooming crew is anxious to get at some new snow and the trails will be fully operational as soon as the snow stops moving.

December 21st, 2012

Skiing Double

Skiing Double

We are officially into winter now and with a holiday week for some coming up a perfect time for a ski. Trail conditions are pretty much ideal and everything is open and recently groomed. Watch for some recently added signage (finally) on the trails and an improved and more up-to-date map. For something new try the Classic Express, which links the North Woods trail with the Creek trail, or if you are feeling romantic or just sociable check out Skiing Double.

December 14th, 2012

Snow Day on the Creek Trail

Snow Day on the Creek Trail

Three snowfalls in one week have turned our trails into a skiers delight. The added snow combined with a fair bit of shovelling at the crossings have allowed us to set tracks on the Creek Trail for the first time this winter. It is in good condition but take care at the crossings because they are still a bit steep. The Burwalde Classic trails, that have been open for over a month now, are in excellent condition. The skate loops are also in excellent shape and are starting to get good glide with the warmer temperatures late this week. You can also have a bit of fun on the Rollercoaster, beside the clubhouse. Most of the runs are groomed and there is even a classic track on some of it which the JD group used this week. The picture, taken yesterday, features one of the red barns that brighten up the winter landscape on the Creek Trail.

December 10th, 2012

Ski conditions are much improved following Saturday’s snowfall. Gone are the icy conditions of last week. Classic track has been reset; it is a bit loose and sloppy in areas but much much more skiable than last weeks icy leaf-covered ruts. Skate trails have been re-packed and are in great condition but may be a bit slow with the fresh cold snow. Should be good for the Monday and Tuesday night events and a promise of snow midweek could bring conditions up to excellent. We are starting to get the Creek Trail ready so hopefully that will be open soon.

December 7th, 2012

Ski conditions are marginal at Burwalde Woods. There is still a base on all the trails but the rain and melting last week left the tracks extremely icy and the wind has littered the trails with a lot of trash that doesn’t glide well. For now the unskiable classic tracks have been levelled in hopes that when new snow arrives we will be able to re-set the tracks easier. The skate-ski trails are very hard but have been scuffed up enough to allow a bit of control. You are welcome to ski but exercise caution. The classic trails are alright to ski as well but there is no set track at this point. Also be very careful driving or walking in the parking area as it is very icy.

December 3rd, 2012

This morning’s rain did not improve the skiing conditions on our now over three week old snow. The classic track is still intact but very icy with a generous sprinkling of oak leaves and other trash. For those able to skate ski that would likely be the better option. I was able to snow comb the surface this afternoon before everything froze solid so there should be some control.

November 30th, 2012

A scant centimeter of snow was added to our trails this week but as lean as this sounds it went a long way to keeping the skiing going. Although a bit beaten up from three weeks of skiing the classic tracks are holding up well. The skate trails too, especially Outer Limits, are in very good condition and we have been able to drag them occasionally to keep a good skiing surface. We wish we could have a more positive snow report but on the up side we have already had three weeks of good skiing compared to last winter when good skiing didn’t arrive for us until the end of February. Hoping your December showers all turn to snow.

November 23rd, 2012

Skier in the Fog

For snow lovers this has not been the greatest week. After ten days of excellent skiing the inevitable November chinook arrived and took back a good bit of nature’s early white gift. But all is not lost and the trails are still in fair condition. The classic track stood up quite well through the melt and the skiff of new snow we received allows for a reasonable kick with regular grip waxes. The skate trail is fairly crusty with a few thin spots to dodge but all-in-all a fast ski and a good chance to work on your balance.

Meanwhile skiing activity continues: Jackrabbit registration this Saturday, our third Monday night ski coming up (which contrary to some reports is open to both sexes), and a first Ladies Night Ski on Tuesday (no excuses now ladies). So enjoy the trails and hopefully we will see new snow soon.

November 15th, 2012

A morning ski on Outer Limits

Trails remain in good condition and should remain so for the coming weekend. Skate trails including Outer Limits have firmed up nicely now making for great skiing. Likewise the main 5 km of classic track have firmed up for excellent kick and glide. We would like to see a bit more snow on the Creek trail before tackling it with grooming equipment. Enjoy the early skiing!

November 12th, 2012

A colorado low puts an end to dryland training for the Boundary Trail Junior XC ski team… but no ones complaining.

A good early start to the season! The main classic trail is set with very little leaf litter and grass showing. Skate loop is packed and in good shape other than being a bit soft yet. The creek trail is waiting for a good freeze up on crossings and perhaps a bit more snow. In short: great early season conditions!

February 27th, 2012

Grooming Crew having fun with the first 'real snow' of the season

Grooming Crew having fun with the first ‘real snow’ of the seasonAs the saying goes ‘better late than never’. But with the first significant snow of the season arriving on February 26th there is no time to waste if you haven’t taken the skis out of the closet yet. The main classic trails have been track set and are generally in great shape. We also made an attempt at grooming the Creek trail… most of it is good but there are some thin spots and we had to detour most of the regular creek crossings due to water on the ice. For kids young and older the adventure park has been packed and most of Rollercoaster is ready to go.

 January 20, 2012

Perhaps my standards are just getting lower, but after going for a ski this evening I would upgrade our ski trail conditions here from poor to a qualified fair. There are no set tracks on the trails but the packing has firmed up the base enough for an adequate ski and the bits of trash poking through the snow do not impede the skiing too much. Skate skiing on the Inner Loop is similar. I intend to reset the track on our Desperation Ditch trail for weekend skiing since the temperatures promise to be somewhat milder than they have been lately. No work has been done yet on the Creek trail or Outer Limits Skate.

Hope to see you on the trails soon.