Burwalde Woods is the main facility used by the club, including the Jackrabbits.  There are trails for both classic and skate skiing.  Club membership fees support the operation and maintenance of these trails.  Burwalde Trails is located between Morden and Winkler, three miles north of Hwy 14 or nine miles south of Hwy 23. The main trailhead is accessed from the Froese’s yard (home of Burwalde Woods Honey). There is limited parking space; please park tightly so there will be room for others. A donation box is located at the trailhead for non-members to contribute.

Please Note: Burwalde trails are only open for cross-country skiing. NO DOGS and NO WALKERS are permitted on or beside groomed trails.


There have been additions to our trail system in the last few years so refer to the map link below. Our main classic loop is a 5km trail that combines Main, Northwoods, Pigtail and Inner Circle. These four trails flow together and can be skied as one loop. They are all one-way trails. Outer Limits trail, formerly just a skate loop, now has a parallel classic trail. It is about 3.5km long and can be skied either direction. The Creek Trail is a 5km touring classic trail that is accessed from Outer Limits. It is an out-and-back trail so the entire trip is 10km. Finally for the romantics Skiing Double is a 1km flat trail that follows the creek bottom starting at the main trailhead or accessed off Outer Limits. It is groomed for skate and classic and can also be used as a link to the Creek Trail.

For the skate skiing the short 1km Inner Circle can be linked with the 3.5km Outer Limits (skate) and the 1km Rollercoaster.

Other Facilities

Our clubhouse provided by the Froeses is getting an expansion and facelift this winter. It is open for all organized BTNC club activities but not for everyday casual skiing. Hoppin’ Hollow, a freestyle ski terrain park located right beside the clubhouse, is open to any young at heart skiers whenever the Saturday Jackrabbit groups aren’t using it. The hills are small but it still is a great spot to tune-up your ski balance. Ski rentals are available in the Nordic Centre which is open weekends and occasionally during the week. Much of the equipment has been donated by club members; please use it with care and only at Burwalde Woods. Current daily rates for use are $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for youth. We also recommend a trail use donation of $5.00 for adult non-members. Please return skis to the proper row and boots to the proper shelf to make it easier for the next borrower.


Burwalde Trail Map

How to get to Burwalde

Burwalde Picture Book


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  1. Wil Kalinowski says:

    I am thinking of bringing my outdoor ed class for a morning ski sometime next week. Do I need to make special arrangements. There would be 6 to 8 students and 2 adults. We would be looking at approximately 9:30 to 12:00.

  2. Cathy Scofield-Singh says:

    Hello, my name is Cathy Scofield-Singh, and I will be in Morden with my husband on Feb 3, 4& 5. We are hoping to go Cross Country Skiing while there. Is it possible to rent skiis for both of us during the wee

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